A teacher’s resignation letter is just as important to a teaching professional as is his or her resume; a well written and professional resignation can ease the process of resigning form a teaching job and also ensure that one does not sour relations with previous employers and bosses. One of the biggest challenges that a professional can face when writing a letter of resignation is what to say in this document. The primary purpose of the document is to inform your employer of your decision to leave the job. However many teachers fail to understand that their resignation letter is also an opportunity to ensure that to build and maintain a good relationship with an employer or supervisor.

When drafting a teacher resignation letter, the professional need to ensure that it is not drafted in a hurry, rather one needs to spend some time putting together the points that you would like to add on your letter. If you plan on resigning from your teachers post and are looking for a few tips on how to write the perfect resignation letter, then you can refer to our letter of resignation tips and also refer to the sample resignation letters given below:

How to write a Resignation Letter:

  • Professional Format: When drafting your letter, always ensure that you choose a professional business format, the letter must start with your name and address at the top right side, followed by the employers name and address and date of the letter. This should be followed by the body of the letter and then the closing.
  • Short and to the point: Your letter must be short and to the point, state your decision to quit your position, the reason for leaving the job, the date your resignation would be effective from and your last working date with the organization.
  • Be positive: Your letter must have a positive feel to it, thank the employers for the opportunity to work with him or her and the experience you gained. Avoid writing anything negative about the organization, the employer or your co-workers and supervisors in your resignation letter.

Here we have a few sample resignation letters that have been prepared by our expert writers, these letters can be used by teachers looking for a resignation letter that suits their profile. You can refer to these samples and create your letter of resignation for a teaching job that will help you resign with grace.

Teachers Resignation Letter

April 1, 2012


Peter Sellers

21 Mormon Street,

New York, NY



Candice Crain

Wilson High School,

22 Villa Avenue,

New York, NY


Dear Ms Crain,

I would like to formally inform you of my decision to resign for the post of the 4th grade teacher with Wilson High School effective 1st April, 2012. I have decided to take up an assignment as a Teacher with XYS High School. My resignation would be effective the 1st of April and my last working day would be 1st of May 2012.

I would like to thank you for the professional and personal development opportunities that you have provided me during the seven years that I was employed at Wilson High School. I have enjoyed working for under your guidance and leadership at Wilson High School and appreciate the support provided me during my tenure with the Institution.

I will ensure that a proper transition of my responsibilities is carried out and will also be available to train my replacement if required. If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.



Peter Sellers


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