If you plan on resigning from your nurse job, a nurse resignation letter will help ease the process of resigning from your post. However what many professional fail to understand is that resigning from you job in a professional and graceful way is very important as it ensures that you do not break or spoil relations with ex employers and bosses. Here we look at some simple nurse resignation letter  tips that will teach you how to write a professional resignation letter, we also have a few professionally written nurse resignation letter samples that you can refer to.

How to write a resignation letter for nurse:

Professional: Whatever be the reason for you leaving the job, always ensure that your resignation letter is professional in nature and tone.  Avoid slandering someone in your resignation letter or venting out your frustrations on someone. This can have a detrimental effect on your career in future.

Letter Format: Format your letter in a way that it contains an introduction, body and conclusion:

  • Introduction:  The introduction should imply your decision of quitting the organization and should also give the last working day that you have decided on.
  • Body: The body should carry the reason that you have decided to quit, it should convey your appreciation for the time that you got to work in the organization, and the knowledge and experience you gained while you were associated with the organization.
  • Closing: The closing of your nurse resignation letter should convey your thanks, wishes and gratitude. You can also add a sentence wherein you mention that you would like to stay in touch in future.

Following this simple format and tips will help you create a nurse resignation letter that is both effective and professional.

Here we have a few sample resignation letters that you can refer to while drafting your resignation from a nursing job, these letter samples have been professionally written and will help you inform your employer of your decision to resign while ensuring that you continue maintaining a strong relation with them.

Nurse Sample Resignation Letter

Priscilla Travis

123 Beverly Drive

New York, NY


April 1st 2012

Dr. John Flannigan

Medical Director

Northern Medical Centre

New York, NY

Dear Dr. Flannigan:

I wish to inform you with this letter of my decision of resigning from the post of a Nurse with Northern Medical Centre. My resignation would be with effect from 1st April 2012, and my last working day would be 30th April 2012.

I have decided to further my career by taking up a post with ABC Hospital as a Nurse Supervisor. I do regret any difficulty my decision would have on the organization; however I will do my best to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities to my successor and will ensure that my tasks have been completed without any delay.

I would want to convey my regards and best wishes both to the management and employees of Northern where I have learnt many new skills as a nurse and have found the time spent here to be very rewarding. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have received here and would like to thank you again for your support.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Priscilla Travis

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