A Resignation Letter is a document that is prepared by an employee of an organization to formally announce his or her intent on leaving or resigning from the organization and leave the position that he or she holds in that organization.

A resignation letter is a notice that an employee is required to give his or her employer to legally announce his or her intention to leave the position that he or she holds in the organization. Many organizations ask their employees to signs a written contract that binds them to that organization and require a resignation letter to be tendered when the employee decides to leave the services of that organization. An employee is also required to tender a resignation letter as per the terms and conditions of his or her appointment letter, that was issued when the person was hired. According to the persons employment contract, a resignation letter is required to be given in advance to the employer, depending on the notice period that has been mentioned in the clauses and terms and conditions of the persons appointment letter or contract.

A resignation letter may either be a verbal communication or a written one depending on the policies followed by that organization where the person works. In either case, one needs to ensure that the resignation that is given needs to follow certain etiquette to ensure that it does not offend anyone. It is common courtesy that while writing a resignation letter one should thank the employer for the opportunity that was given to serve the organization, as well as the experience that the person has gained over time. One should also ensure that the resignation letter is hand delivered to the concerned person, or reporting supervisor. These are but a few of the etiquette that one needs to follow while writing a resignation letter. It is always an advisable practice to use a resignation letter format that is professional, as in many cases you may be required to furnish a copy of your resignation letter to your new employer.

If you are not sure n how to write a professional resignation letter, there are many online resources that can help you with resignation letter formats and resignation letter samples. You can download these sample resignation letters and customize them to suit your needs.

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