A staff nurse is a nursing professional who is required to provide patients and ill people treatment, medical care and is required to monitor the patient’s progress against the prescribed medical plan. The job of a staff nurse is a highly responsible one and, professionals who want to resign from their posts need to ensure that this is done in a way that is professional, graceful and shows the maturity and responsibility levels of the person. A professionally written staff nurse resignation letter is the first step that a person needs to take when he or she has decided to resign from the job.

A well drafted resignation letter not only shields the candidate from any unwanted and unsavory incidents, it also helps the person resign from his or her job while ensuring that they still continue to maintain good relations with their previous employers. Many times nursing professionals are at a loss when drafting their resignations and do not know what needs to be written or the format that needs to be followed.

Here we take a look at a few staff nurse sample resignation letters that can be referred to when you plan on resigning from your job and need a letter that will help you make the process much easier and simple. These letter formats will ensure that you leave your current job for a better opportunity and still ensure that you maintain a healthy relation with your previous supervisor and employer.

Staff Nurse Resignation letter

1st April 2012


Danny Morrison,

21 Redstone Road,

Austin, TX


Dr. Gabriel Dunn,

Medical Director,

Seeder Hospital,

Austin TX


Dear Dr. Dunn,

I would like to officially inform you about my decision of resigning from the post of a Staff Nurse with Seeder hospital with effect from the 1st of April 2012. I have decided to take up a position of a Senior Staff Nurse with City Hospital, which I feel would help me further my career and skills as a nurse.

The last five years at Seeder hospital have been a rich and rewarding experience for me, both at a personal as well as professional level. I would like to thank the hospital management for the opportunities I have received to enhance my nursing skills and the training and development that was provided to help me excel at my job.

My last day of employment at Seeder hospital would be the 30th of April, and I would ensure that I hand over my responsibilities and ensure that a smooth transition or responsibilities takes place. If there is anything that is required of me during my notice period please let me know.

I would like to thank you for your constant support and assistance through my tenure at Seeder hospital and would like wish you as well as the staff at Seeder hospital the very best in the future.



Danny Morrison


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