A sales job is a very challenging and high paying job; good sales professionals are in great demand in the industry and would find many opportunities coming their way during their career. One of the most important points that a sales professional needs to keep in mind is to have a professional and business format for their sales resignation letter. A resignation letter is the last impression that a professional could make on and employer, having a resignation letter that is not up to the mark or is not created in a professional way can erode all the good work and achievements that you have garnered during your tenure with the organization.

Many professional find resigning very complicated as they are not sure what to say to their bosses and what to write on their resignation letter. A well written resignation letter can make the entire process a cake walk for you. Here we look at a few tips on how to write a business resignation letter that can help a sales professional quit his or her job with ease and grace. You can also refer to the various sample letters that we have provided below for various sales positions and refer to them when drafting you resignation letter.

Resignation letter tips:

When drafting a letter you can refer to the following tips:

  • Format: Always choose a business letter format for your letter of resignation. You can refer to the sample given below for a professionally written business letter format.
  • Length: Avoid writing a letter that is lengthy, keep the document short crisp and focused. The letter must not be more that 2-3 paragraphs long and should fit on one page. Keep the letter focused on the subject, which is your decision to resign.
  • Tone and demeanor: When writing your resignation, the tone of the letter must be positive and upbeat. The biggest mistake one can make in the sales industry is to have a letter that is negative, demeaning and pointing out the negatives of an organization or a boss. In today’s professional world this is even more important as previous supervisors and employers are called up for a reference check or a verification of professional profile.
  • Thank your employer: Always ensure that you thank your employers and superiors for the opportunities that were provided to you during your tenure and for their support and help. This is a great way of ending your letter and also gives you an opportunity to maintain contact with them.

Follow these simple tips to write a professional resignation letter for a sales job, you can also refer to the sample resignation letter given below.

Sales Resignation Letter


1st April, 2011


James Cantrell

21 Evergreen Rd.,

New York, NY



Christopher Winston

Winston Auto Dealership,

151 East Ave,

New York, NY


Dear Mr. Winston,

I wish to formally inform you about my decision to resign from the post of a sales representative at Winston Auto Dealership with effect from 1st April 2012. My last working day would be 20th April 2012, which would amount to a two week notice in accordance with the company’s policy.

I have decided to pursue an opportunity with ABC Auto dealers as a senior sales representative. I will ensure that a smooth transition of my responsibilities and duties takes place and will also be willing to assist with the training of my replacement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the organization for making my tenure in Winston Auto Dealership a pleasurable one, I also thank you for the opportunities that I for professional and personal growth.

My personal contacts remain the same, please contact me if there will be unfinished paperwork or any other issue.




James Cantrell


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